Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Piety and Crime - by - Bob Atkinson

Piety and Crime
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

no such deviations
of behavior in our world
get down to causal actions
more extreme or without guilt

as those we find imperative
workings of our time
institutional fated dreams
enhanced to produced crime

we view an open order
as license for to steal
be it something of value
or edges of an ideal

we take from some their freedom
we take from some their cash
we sit out in a blind
waiting for them to pass

end result says nothing
about our state of mind
other than showing truly
we're beasts of early times

then there stand the pious
a motley sort of crew
who create a situation
which cannot find calm view

history tells us these poor souls
cause damage to our breed
not letting freedom expand here, now
they crush that fertile seed

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The French Revolution - by - Bob Atkinson

The French Revolution
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

some believed those old ways
were always here to stay
some hoped to continue status quo
keeping monarchs in a powered state

then on Europe's southern side
north of Iberian plains
arose an idea of democracy
to spread out across French lands

this scared those despots greatly
strange idea of peoples' trust
how could they challenge kings
how could they run amok

how could they feel a transfer
of power to the people
would enlighten all within their realm
of castles and church steeples

rich had gotten richer
poor had gotten poorer
was the way those elite
saw good social order

they pocketed many millions
and saw their power grow
yet those French would challenge
how this ever was to go

people heard what they told them
no question here of fact
those lies of institutions
never seemed to look back

back into those middle ages
when despots rose to touch
every aspect of the lives
where control held minds in muck

well, you know the end result
kings lost their thrones and heads
and many people were satisfied
until they did it again

for hard becomes the struggle
when behind scenes we're cut apart
by those who wish to regain power
by duplicity as an art

we have our own examples
of this deviousness in our fold
how in '29 those not in power
shrank money supply and told

told us wasn't them
was those nasty conservatives
who let the people free
not a good thing they said

then again in '08
when nobody looked again
they sub-primed us ten years earlier
took that long to sink down in

down into our banking system
where hurt began again
and people lost their jobs and wealth
fingers pointed to wrong side of fence

"... oh those who believe
in freedom without restraint
did this deed (chuckle)
we need to reign them in ..."

sad situation that mankind
has not a love of fellow
to back off from deceit
and just a bit stay mellow

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Wife as a Mistress - by - Bob Atkinson

The Wife as a Mistress
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

seems domestic life gets old
we move apart from our goals
taking with us all good form
rote companionship becomes a norm

rarely do we see
adventure in returning from
our workday duties far away
just sit, stare and deviate

deviate from the hunt
risk, excitement, all that stuff
those blood pressure raising calls to arms
rare treasures in this world of ours

solution's simple in form
take your wife as mistress fawned
woo her every day with kisses
tell her you'd always miss her

but you're duty bound
a wife who never understands
your needs set free with hands unbound
a man, my love, has needs to pounce

as a cat as if in a jungle
with claws so sharp, teeth driven by muscle
a quick reaction, oh so fast
but hunting's merely a minute's gamble

then back to calm with home so sweet
a worried woman sitting at his feet
to purr her ever sweetest words
as if he had been brave and conquered her

conquered her soul with his gallant deeds
a man who treasures all he sees
she loves his every word exclaimed
caresses his soul by softly saying

those words he hears every day
"wash the car you lazy fool
go get the kids from school
take out the garbage she loudly rages"

he thinks a mistress would never say this

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Absolutes, an Impediment to Progress - by - Bob Atkinson

an Impediment to Progress
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

wild thoughts flew through my mind
what stops us from progressing toward
a future harmony in life
a simple love of art?

we flow on as if a stream
which bubbles when rocks lie
beneath a surface tranquil
by furtherance of pride

how can we solve this mystery
which keeps us from being great
while opening our hearts
and eliminating pure bound hate

simple solution in my mind
I can solve this mess for you
with a word of caution for
all members of your crew

we must eliminate right here
thought of absolutes
nothing do we have in our
seething point of view

carries with divine truth
that's not possible in these times
so quit this feeling of finite test
calm your worried mind

absolutes get banned
they kill and hurt our kind
without them we co-operate
and feed our friends a line

a line of love and kindness
not recklessness and hate
we don't want to bomb our friends
don't want to un-create

absolutes need be abandoned
nobody knows firm truth
in spite of what they say to you
theirs isn't all you'd make

make into something rational
nobody has a key
unless softness survives these times
we'll never find our freedom

freedom to explore our hearts
and sit right down to think
nobody in this world survives
if taken over absolute's brink

Defining Us - by - Bob Atkinson

Defining Us
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

seems to me in saddest terms
we've missed an opportunity
to mesh our souls for purpose
an independent unity

so many things needed done
yet fuss and fight we do
for in this universal dream
our thoughts lie not with you

they begin with us, of course
a simple sharing of
a wild ride through universe
upon a spinning globe

as if detached from each other
we seem to fight our fate
which defines collection of
spirit which dissipates

dissolves when absolutes
grow within our band
keeping us from producing
anything that's grand

we fight with nature for survival
those winds which blow so hard
and water falling down on us
washing away our towns

that oxygen which we breathe
rusts our bridges toward ground
while never giving us a peek
permanence never to be found

saddens us these events
and attitudes of our mentors
feeling greed and avarice
presents a strong pretension

pretension of good for all of us
while lining pockets with the gold
which could have build our cities up
with openness of goals

so we sit in mud deranged
while opportunity finds no place
of future with our sweet delights
no courage in our wake

Saturday, September 24, 2016

This Land is Shared Land - by - Bob Atkinson

This Land is Shared Land
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

we're all blowing against a wind
wanting what's not even there to give
where we step, heaven knows
we're on our feet, but not on our toes

this land is shared land
this land's not owned land
we fight each other
but don't have a plan

can't claim we own it
don't even understand
universal progress
quiet destiny of man

we fight each other
as friend to foe
history's not even
in ebb and flow

this land is shared land
this land's not owned land
our sense of order
on truth depends

depends on which way
we turn our heads
toward love and freedom
or slavery's threat

we see our feelings
reaching out in love
rejected by those
who know not hope

violence permits them to
believe in falsehoods
and reckless moods
of anti-progress

but now we carry
to a well
a pail of hope
to have our fill

fill our senses
with truth untwisted
by games of pretense
controlled by deceivers

those who would
turn faith against
sweet jewel of man

our feelings of ourselves
how we relate
to a voice of thunder
at pearly gates

we sit and cry
when we don't find
our simple meaning
that is, of why?

why we are here
and why we build
while others tear down
our towns and fields

for our brothers who
find in their duty
deception bringing on
pain to suffer through

by thought and usage
of what controls our minds
makes our tears flow
breaks our hearts in time

much more to do
in evolution
can't follow useless
fist shaking stooges

now and ever
we must love faith
while in this moment
not move with haste

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Binding Humanity to Peace - by - Bob Atkinson

Binding Humanity
to Peace
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson
softness never seems to come
when agitation fills our heads
reckless orientation of
a simple cause presented

hurtful outcome's preordained
leaving us to ponder why
an enterprise of destruction
begins with falsehoods, lies

people not in ordered fashion
find easy targets for their lust
never far from surface seems
we know not whom to trust

me, I find a saddened mood
building's my preferred plan
destruction of our efforts always
cannot us find at hand

find at hand production of
what might not come to pass
if disorder and destruction become
our path to flattened lands

where all lives live in misery
and people trust each other no more
for a shaking fist finds not sanity
merely pain and gore

I feel we've not found ourselves
a purpose universal
nothing agreed to with our hearts
just meaning subjected to dispersal

where we don't want to love
only hate our fellow man
I find in this some saddened tones
without a proper plan

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dichotomy of Life - by - Bob Atkinson

Dichotomy of Life
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

sure there lies in front of us
questions we can't answer
ideas so complex they must
call for weakened dances

an ever listed mystery
which cannot find explanation
yet ego requires an attempt
to correct incomplete definition

so too we perceive
our quandary in this mess
why can't we merely look up
and thoroughly digest

all there stands to know of
secrets within our hearts
pains me to believe and view
science as merely art

and music, that sweet jewel
may have new combinations to enfold
not all which came before
covers tapping of our toes

new melodies can find
ways down to our soul
beats of imperfection stand
to make us better, whole

maybe, this feeling of loss
loss of total cognizance
carries with a need to expand
our feelings toward our stance

for if we knew all there has
been gleaned from observation
would leave nothing more to learn
an end to purpose of existence

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lovecation - (an education based on Love) - by - Bob Atkinson

 (an education based on Love)
 (c)2016 Bob Atkinson

seems in education
we've a cause yet unexplained
to underly our social problems
and worry about our fate

for education has different meanings
depends on where one learns
people taught those things which send
them on a fruitless charge of hurt

of hate, misunderstanding
parochial narrowing of their brains
never allowing beliefs of not theirs
to entertain refrains

without this charge of deviation
our world cares more for us
adjustment to our learning comes
with progress of our bunch

"Lovecation" that sultry phrase
means survival to us all
let us love our fellow man
not take them out in a fall

let's hold each other dearly
not change each other's heart
for in diversity of culture
we've a better way to start

start believing love's a treasure
mined with mind of gold
a softness centered on perfection
of effort and of goals

for goals set us on our road
to where we wish to go
a certain path which undulates
but never ends we're told

Friday, September 9, 2016

Complexity of Society - by - Bob Atkinson

Complexity of Society

(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

though we lament severe faults
we sometimes smile and say
"don't keep me so confused in mind
because I don't know how I'm framed

I never did adjust to change
when change left me in gray
gray fog of misunderstanding
a never ending emotional play

through trials which I didn't succeed
or forward my spear thrust"
now thrust completes a sincere thought
injecting me into a future of dust

which ever sends me there beyond
simple established fact
while smoothing over bias
by precepts frozen fast

I know in my mind as I
keep feelings under wraps
my thinking's never complicated
when viewing what has passed

my life has overtones which I
don't fully understand
just sit and drink my coffee
and smile as if I can

sweeten this world with a wink
or emotional tug at views
which don't really fit reality
doesn't matter, I'm amused

that I don't have knowledge of
all there is to know
just feel there's something wrong here
as if caught by undertow

I'm never fully in control
feel as though looking over a cliff
while loose rocks beneath my feet
lessen my stable grip

grip on where and when I go
to some strange place in time
character of motion's got me
pulling backwards on my mind

yes, there can flow a purpose
but that's something I don't see
for when we grab our usefulness
we don't see forest for green trees

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Emotion or Life Out of Focus - by - Bob Atkinson

Life Out of Focus
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

we try our best to arrange
our world in some state of array
we feel we've done a superb job
when all remains cool, calm

then temper, fury, outright rage
flares when some strange event strays
into our life of simple focus
knocks us directly off our balance

we grab a tool for adjustment
time for emotion to reconcile disruption
as if twisting of a camera lens
we need clear vision thus amended

we've changed our outlook just a little
see acutely again, with different usage
emotion's our method of re-adjustment
in adapting to life's abutments

those bridge supports we walk through
when we take our traveled views
what we think as normal here
re-focused by emotional atmosphere

thus emotion fits our need
a simple mechanism to our brain free
from conscious consideration of
all we see, all we love

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

To Leave One's Home - by - Bob Atkinson

(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

short of total destruction
see not this as way to go
to leave one's culture in a moment
finds me so shocked, heartbroken

father's father did this
as did my mother too
left all they knew, came here
to start a life anew

must have been heartbroken
or concerned for safety there
for to leave one's home without return
carries with a greater dare

I know they did this for a cause
weren't easily persuaded
home threatened by some ********
who felt they owned right standings

for me ingrained in my DNA
a hate for hateful folks
who see their way supreme
and think of us as simple dopes

so when I see them preach their rot
I slink back and find them evil
for left or right's not a way
to advance sane cause of people

good people find their way in time
adjust well to a world of change
don't need simplistic jargon
to their lives arrange

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Metabolic Revolution of Our Ecosystem - by - Bob Atkinson

(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

we've see a sign today of
"a metabolic revolution in the ecosystem"
something someone said
to give credence to evolution

a far fetched lack of understanding
no firm fixed wonder in our time
how could we devolve so quickly
while thinking we're expanding minds

I revel in older books
language intricate and sincere
nothing glossed over quickly
as currently I fear

fear we've gone to surface mode
not really thinking when we pine
for produce constructed with a thought
toward survival of our kind

our kind seems to us not all
of humanity's varieties
only those around us close
who look like you and me

therein lies a quality
invoked as sincere
but truly taking us to task
by playing on our fears

fears our children won't succeed
survive this frozen waste
because our capacity to proceed
gets diminished by our haste

haste which leaves our goals intact
but takes a step out from our rung
a simple precept dominating not
where we're going, but where we're from