Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Heart's at Home in My Prayers by Bob Atkinson

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(c)2006 Bob Atkinson

I fire blazing
mount tied to a tree....just there
beans and bacon mashed like soup
not my mama’s cooking
my heart’s at home in prayers

giving all I can give to this endeavor
Apaches kill quick and they don’t care
about my home in Kentucky
and the family, warm in my prayers

mining gold and silver isn’t easy
blasting rock for ore is a chore
smashing boulders into small bits
then haulin’ them to smelt them quick
before high graders take their toll

my heart’s at home in prayers

picked up three-fifty brave ones
in Texas they did sign
gallant men good of arms
sound of body and mind

drove to a fort past El Paso
with gifts for the home
gave Apaches blankets
to keep their children warm

my heart’s at home in my prayers

on to the San Pedro rode the weary
wary of murder, rape and scorn
came riding up upon us fast
dust flying round them like a storm

my heart's at home in my prayers

they stopped at the rope stretched taut
wanted blood and mules for their own
didn’t like to see us Anglos
invading their home

we told them why we came here
to tunnel underground
and give our time and energies
to their sacred lands

they seemed to reason well enough
and understand our plan
then we told them they were dead
if we couldn’t cross their land

my heart's at home in my prayers

they talked it over among theyselves
and thanked us for our time

my heart's at home in my prayers

fierce, with skin dark from the sun
bows and arrows on their arms
thought we were invaders
were startled by our guns

my heart's at home in my prayers

a force this large they will not harm
as they know and understand
they have no way to win this fight
their mothers want them home tonight

my heart’s at home in my prayers

they led us partially on our way
giving study to our track
thinking over how they could
slip knives into our backs

then they rode off northerly
with smiles and friendly waves
we knew we’d see our friends again
any time we weren’t wary

San Xavier had our water
Tucson had our whiskey
a night spent in that dusty town
gave those who went a frown

the locals among us said
that of forty-seven graves
only two died of old age

bar fights and grudges
Apaches and their cousins
cause death and destruction
my heart’s at home in my prayers

Tubac was a nice place
water flowed along the Santa Cruz
buildings weren’t in too bad shape
the hills were full of food

nobody there to greet us
all dead or run off far
a granite cliff just to the east
rose above parched human bones

my heart’s at home in my prayers

silver and gold are here for us
fame and fortune’s lovely tone
if we are ever vigilant
we’ll someday see our home
my heart’s at home in my prayers

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