Sunday, July 3, 2011

Coyote on the Tracks by Bob Atkinson

Coyote on the Tracks
(c)2006 Bob Atkinson
Eastbound they were steaming
led by one with no regrets
pockets full of Gaylord's money
for a record, not a bet

the Coyote on the Tracks
waves as he goes past
the people are excited
to see the train at last

time for quick action
changing power in a flash
the man talks of his accomplishments
and old predicaments

how much of this was true
nobody ever knowed
didn't seem to matter
waiting for his stories to unfold

power in his speech
and his downright love of Jack
led a person to believe
he'd be always coming back

a Coyote on the Tracks
makes the train run fast
as if it were being chased
by fiction, not fact

the Coyote on the Tracks
waves has he goes past
the people are excited
to see the train at last

a coyote on the tracks
makes his tales of gettin' fat
seem almost true
though you know
it ain't like that !!

a coyote from a rocky place
no tailor'd seen his back
crumpled in a cord-roy suit
neck tied with a red cravat 

if jawing was accomplishment
if imagination fact
if the blur of an eastbound train
was seen shootin' down the tracks

we might think old Eddie Scott
was the cause of all of that
while feasting on a chicken leg
as Chandler wrote for cash

now way down in Tucson
on the south side of the town
stands a relic of the days when steam
excited peoples' minds

lore of the railroadJimmy's Diner” it's now called
smoke still waifs from its chimney
as in the days of old

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