Saturday, July 9, 2011

Puffy Poetry by Bob Atkinson

"Puffy Poetry”

(c)2011 by Bob Atkinson

those who take the stuffy path
think they are correct in tracking
where their craft should follow
while taking a poison pill

in doing this they tend to kill
their love's broader appeal
the thing they worship has no form
but that which the mind creates

poetry remains words set to emotion
holding packs of ideas to translate wholly
across the void of disconnect briefly
giving us our “tender feelings”

written in that value for others
to dwell deeply and feel somewhat puzzled
with honors tight within its frame
no fancy words or players games needed

no thoughtless puffing or ego bending
without which honesty thrives
with subjects of a universal nature
where we all can relate to

the words of choice must remain sincere
no odd or kitschy meanings here
rhyme isn't ever necessary
but gives flavor to the ordinary

so to those who turn their noses up
to simple thoughts and flavored stuff
I say to them who beat those drums
you're killing that which you profess to love

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