Monday, July 25, 2011

The Sands of Arizona

"The Sands of Arizona”
(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

drifting grains upon the land
we travel with the wind
seeking fortunes for ourselves
and for our nearest kin

we try to live our lives so proud
in doing the proper thing
yet circumstances sometimes yields
to a battered honesty

for those who take to prison life
no, it isn't a display of pride
to show to others your lack of taste
while being locked inside

it means you haven't joined with all
to bring good to others' lives
and give your mothers a tearful smile
when she looks at your good insides

some are ever a mile wide
yet, only an inch deep
showing stupid without remorse
it means they never think

raises questions of their honesty
forced pride's all people see

don't keep your violence upon my times
don't ever force me to
do those things you want from fear
I'll never have respect for you

give more than you have gotten
help others with their pain
if you want to truly be
more than a useless sand grain

mean people inhale air in such vast quantities that they create a vacuum”

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