Monday, August 15, 2011

Hoop and Pole by Bob Atkinson

"Hoop and Pole"
(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

the woman knew her man could win
she knew his plight alright
she knew his skills were of the best
and told the others he'd pass the test

she cackled on and on so much
it left the others guessing
why much of her wisdom had left her
flying with the birds above them

the noise she made was a gamble
to let the others know
her man wasn't easily beaten
in a fight or in a show

he thrust the pole along its path
it should have been a win
but his opponent's luck was there again
good or bad, it sort of depends

depends on how you see it
the warrior that had won
drew luck to win the game that day
but the other had a gun

the loser, upset he had lost
so mad that he had drawn
his gun from its holster fast
aiming at the winner's grin

it smoked as lead flew out
and pushed hard against the hand
that had pulled the trigger
firing fatal shot at the other man

no protection from the force
not quick enough to dodge
the bullet coming from the pipe
ending the winner's good cause

with smash of lead making good
the loser's pride again
the man smiled broadly
before understanding what he'd done

when the thought came to him
that he'd ended a good warrior's life
and killed a good companion
at the urging of his wife

the loser looked around
his wife at last was quiet
then as she opened her mouth
he proceeded to put her on a diet

more smoke ,more fire, more zipping lead
more said than ever with words
how he wanted her to remain quiet
as she fell into the dirt

so let this be a lesson
don't let a woman sit and yell
whenever hoop and pole is played
keep her and your gun way away, 
or else

else the game can end badly
for the winner and the other
as it did in this instance
when three became sad losers

one lost his life because
his luck was so very good
the woman also lost her life
as was her own doing

the loser lost something too
something hard to replace
something always needed in his camp
a woman pulling her weight 

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