Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Many Times by Bob Atkinson

"Many Times”
(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

many times along the way
some were fooled and made to pay
with their blood and family's lives
for some silly, arcane reason 

urgent needs to impart collusion
to those opposed to their own solution
seeing others as irrational beasts
not human in their visionary feats

manifesting distortion of real situations
easily becomes the chosen reality
never seeing through greyed milked glass
their own views as less than absolute

enough so to forget that struggle
requires effort, not anarchy's bundle
wrapped with lies, distorted truths
meant to pamper one side's use

here we only see the picture 
of what to us resembles freedom
but misfortune comes to us who use
 this path to wander into harm's way

those who move in this direction
pushing peace away with abandon
offer a high price that must
be paid with blood, from within one's guts

always has this world of ours
contained the bitter with the grand
the use of a dishonest tool
has always proven its user a fool

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