Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mountain Over Valley by Bob Atkinson

Mountain Over Valley
(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

rising through the clouds
above what's green below
teeming with wild game
mountain's over soul

wonder in my heart
if that's where I might go
peace, harmony and thunder
lightning sparking into soil

flying into space
above, around with grace
mind needs no firm hold
on the ground below

love and all those things so dear
begin etching 'tween my ears
the songs of forests wet
with rain and melting snow

hills to define my soul as
winds carry their hold
on my meager life below
giving meanings to me unknown

valleys under mountains
rivers flowing without stop
feeding farms, flora, fauna
and people
thirsting from the heart

then up into the sky
beyond our small bubble
goes a part of our world
our savior and our trouble

that which sustains our life
what we breathe, eat and like
melds into the universe
offering our world to the stars

at such a moment we
are awestruck with what eyes see
no heart can hold for long
a world without Mountain Gods

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