Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Second Moon by Bob Atkinson

"The Second Moon”
(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

swirling around the bigger ball
rocks that tumbled failed to fall
into the large and open world
upon which we would someday stand

those blobs of rock way up there
crashed into each other four billion years
before my mammy met my pappy
before the doctor slapped my fanny

up to the sky we see a round
white disc that smiles on our dry ground
brightly it shines upon those of us who see
the brilliance of a lone natural thing

now they tell us it was two
those globes of wonder we look to
seeing more than one 
go around our world 
would have been oh so profound

two orbs where there now are one
twice the stories to be told for fun
Jules Vern would have had to rewrite
the tale of a rocket in far out flight

romance of course would be quite different
one eye looking this way, then the other that way
how could one see both lights in the sky
and still look into a true lover's eyes?

Yes, no sensible romances would come
from such a situation as this in the sky above
thank goodness we were left with one moon
the brain hurts badly when pondering a twosome

one big disk is quite enough
one big smile from the old man above
one big wink from a cratered eye
no other lights need be seen arising

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