Monday, August 1, 2011

So Close to Living by Bob Atkinson

"So Close to Living"
(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

along the smooth and lighted ribbon
speeds the vehicle carrying within
those with smiles and good of heart
no seatbelt needed upon their laps

smirks and laughter, jokes and such
between brother sister, and loved uncle
the music playing in background
smoothness whistles it's whining sound

the car sits high up off the ground
to see those around them one must look down
sedans like little turtles changing lanes
wandering slowly headed east

passing fast the ones who just
barely attain speed limit's push
gives little time to see who's in
those little gum drop tins

a bit of beer upon one's breath
smoked a joint while still at home
not feeling totally in control
of four wheels swooshing up the road

thrust along the open lanes
the curves with powered gusts of air
doesn't make one afraid to push harder
on the pedal that takes one faster

something dark upon the ground
not big, not small just a shiny mound
too fast they go and no reaction
no understanding of its impact

a tire blown, a thumping sound
no longer air filled or round
a foot wrongly upon a brake
sends wild gyrations to the cage

the cage that holds the jolly people
who up to now whistled sweetly
a bump a grind a thump thump
a scream of tires going wrong

the car drifts over to the dirt
and sends a shower of sands far up
like smoke, no fire, in quick time
three without seat belts are flying

bodies settle upon the ground
after bouncing around and around
no hurry now to pick them up
they've breathed their last in this life

their death came quickly
a big surprise
no time to ponder
their own demise

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