Monday, September 26, 2011

I Am Civilized by Bob Atkinson

"I Am Civilized”
(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

I am civilized
you are a barbarian
I find your attitude lacking
in style, grace or understanding

my way always strives
to complete, not idolize
taking always the softer side
of the little man in his struggle

time has often left results
which show my themes
have grown so accurate
with vision, not imagination

so you see, to me there stays
truth which never ever strays
beyond the gates of lies
which distort simple meaning

so which side, you ask, am I on
on current issues and beyond
never leaving any doubt
which side's best, most paramount

let me say clearly, here and now
no simple matter to evolve
from this struggle, left and right
to pick a corner for this fight

we can step back from
our hypnotic trances
from the bartered positions
of the masses

seeing clearly how those in power
have deceived us
with labels covered
by trite phrases ever uttered

giving us shorthand to reject
thoughts of others labeled
as opponents in this quest
no serious thinking to uncover

what we all know
and need to remember
in any mortal endeavor
of interest or direction

is that hypnosis of the masses
never stays, isn't everlasting
its power can dissipate
when the people know its game

a useful tool for our pockets
holster or salvo rocket
or decision to be made
of what becomes the best way

to gain the upper hand
that makes us better men or women
leading successful generations
to prosper and give hard groans

never leaving nature to toil alone
pushing hard for better days
while keeping what our parents gave
we must remember to see the light

not stepping back into the mud
with slogans so deceiving
they become only cloudy lies

yes, better ways do exist
always staying close within our midst
that which lays in plain sight
says either hand is useful in a fight

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