Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Desert Nomads by Bob Atkinson

Desert Nomads
(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

years, they flew by so fast
through generations of
those who lived in the lands
not loved by nature's hand

upon the mountains way above
there stood the trees that grew
so green a color also seen
down where the rivers drew

scars upon the sandy soil
long depressions in the gravel
flat bottom plains below the level
of jagged lands above them

moving softly with the wind
taking what was needed
from the land or other men
no real bond between them

some say they were wild men
some say they knew the story
years of hardship fleeing those
with a different outlook's caution

who can say what is right
when different ways conflict
who can say now in these times
what the others experienced

I only know my life has been
without this mortal conflict
that hardens those who live upon
those rocks and salty outcrops

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