Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the Far Side of the Moon by Bob Atkinson

The Far Side of the Moon
(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

I don't think I want to go
to the far side of the moon
although the thought is tempting
it's not what I will do

no it isn't in my plans
there's no time for it
no time to explore the other side
which we can't see from here

we know our moon to look as if
it never ever changes
no difference from one night
to the next full moon gyration

no, I don't remember
seeing the other side
it isn't in my plans this week
to view its wilder end

it doesn't hurt my pride
that I won't be visiting it
and walk around its mountains
and kick its dirty grit

wouldn't have the greenest trees
or the clearest blue lakes
or be warm in the summer
or cold when snow flakes

wouldn't be a place where I
could be with friends of mine
or family if that is what I choose
to be right by my side

so I will stay right here on Earth
where I have chosen to live
is where my life began
and where it will eventually end

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