Friday, October 14, 2011

Fire and Blood by Bob Atkinson

Fire and Blood

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

so many things had changed
here in the land of sun
so many of the old ways
had been silenced and were gone

so many of the wise stories
old men told at the fire
became a distant echo
not alive, yet sill admired

from beyond the mountains
came a band of the wildest men
who knew not compassion
for those not of their breeding

so many things had been taken
from within their hearts
that they chose not to allow themselves
concern for others' suffering

they took, which was the natural way
they hurt those that they could
they burned what they didn't take
or need for their own food

it was an act of desperation
it was justice in their minds
it was revenge, from a time
before civilization arrived

a primal act which justified
all the bad things they did
and kept their minds clear
of any shame or guilt

who is to judge what others do
who is to say what's right?
who is to give voice of sorrow to
what others feel inside?

I only know it isn't far
the buffer that divides
my being a good and kindly person
from my barbaric side

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