Monday, October 17, 2011

the Good Guys vs the Bad Guys

The Good Guys
The Bad Guys

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

the good guys fought the bad guys
or was it the other way around
the mean ones fought the nice ones
I think that's how it's done

or is it that the ones who lied
pushed at their neighbor's door
and took to them a battle bloody
because they were overly bored

not happy with their station
they needed a smart ruse
to keep the peoples' eyes upon
something other than the news

yes, they were most insincere
taking all they could of treasure
from the banks that held the loot
monies destined for the better

this meant new roads
could not be built
no water for to drink
or spark to light the dark night
candles would have to do it

seemed the ones
who grabbed the power
from those who had abused
the position they had gotten
when the army helped them to

take charge from those who had
shot the ones in government
and murdered all of those who could
their supremacy challenge a bit

if this tale of regret
confuses you between the ears
and causes you to scratch your head
buddy, I'm with you through the years

I have no recommendation
as to what is next to make
in the order of this battle
which is a complex case

no simple salutation
can right now be made
the salutes go at different angles
to those who this game played

I hear we're sending troops
to straighten this mess out
and give support to the good guys
if they ever can be found

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