Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the Large Dinosaur by Bob Atkinson

The Large Dinosaur
(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

the beast lay on the ground
as if it were dead
but wasn't death that had it down
but a soft and cuddly nap

the grass of swampland then
wasn't like today's soft blades
but in the time of thunder beasts
was where they had to play

you think of beasts as large as
a yellow and black bus
and wonder how they could handle
all that massive bulk

when you ache from sitting on
your over sized rear end
you wonder how these multi-ton
animals prevailed on theirs

well friend it isn't that
I want to spoil your vision
but we see only bones that have
been dead for 65 million

years have zipped by
before we arrived on scene
and looked to the past
with vision not all too keen

if you think of the universe
as if it were a balloon
you'd see expansion taking place
it would soon fill the room

so two hundred fifty million years
before the present time
the world was a smaller place
compared to yours and mine

so anything left of those
ancient far past times
would have grown immensely
from then to now

back then they would have
been a bit denser than now
but to them it would be normal
not something real profound

the largest beasts would have been
like overgrown large elephants
or rhinos with their skin so thick
that we couldn't prick it with a stick

but nothing large as in musems
the bones have been expanded
through the years of our universe
puffing itself into oblivion

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