Friday, October 7, 2011

the Learning by Bob Atkinson

The Learning
(c)2011 Bob Atkinson
They stood upon the grassy hill
quiet as they tried to feel
the wind, the sky the green of growth
not saying much, if anything at all

the father's eyes held much sadness
the daughter looked to him for love
their eyes swept over land below
was broken where the river flowed

hoofs of large beasts hit the ground
as wild bulls played their running games
and butted heads and ran before
the older animals of their kind

the sky was blue beyond the clouds
no rain now as had been found
when they emerged from sleep sound
breath taken again on hunting grounds

of her father the girl was proud
he held respect of those around him
wise were his words though few spoken
he always knew best ways of action

for finding game that could be eaten
and leather hides for useful things
meant survival in this land
and protected them from roaming bands

now on the hill overlooking all this
stood a man with his young child small
though he said not a word to her
was a lesson for her young life to learn

to see the world as he had shown her
to look upon the living things
and gaze upon the flow of life
that fights and dies upon the land

brings meaning to the breath we take
our eyes were made to see the light
our hearts were made to feel the love
our feet were made to feel the soil

our strength in battle is multiplied
by our closeness to the land
by our love for those we can name
and our avoidance of any shame

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