Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the Ship on a Rock by Bob Atkinson

The Ship on a Rock

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

she lay there in the ocean
bow firmly on the rocks
leaking oil from her tanks
dropping overboard packaged cargos

so sad a well used hull of beauty
would be so under stress
that her master couldn't help
her float with pride again

pristine sand of beaches
and life attached to them
were fouled by the discharge
of the oils used by man

to extend his power over life
to give him more strength than the form
of a small, weak and spindly body
would normally command

surely in many years
the damage that had been done
would mitigate itself through time
perhaps after man has gone

after changes to the land
to the sea and air
to the heavens with shooting stars
made of plastic and titanium

after the radiation
would thoroughly dissipate
and leave behind new DNA
some good, some bad, some strange

so is it such a sad story
of the crashing on the rocks
of steel plate welded
to sides and horizontal bottom?

will the beauty of this ship
sink beneath the waves
and become a monument
to that which we tried and failed?

to fail to try would be the shame
to have given in to hardship
of circumstances stacking decks
against the pride of men's accomplishments

without a struggle of any kind
without the good fight we give
no trace of us would ever stay
upon land, sea or far off space

here in these circumstances
into which we were thrown
to progress beyond our little lives
and leave proof we were strong

requires risk to our small planet
seems like suicide
to kill that which gives us life
but is it that unwise?

death of our greatness
would be the sadder tale
not taking that which we were given
and pushing it toward hell

success and failure always leaves
some trail that we have gone
beyond the biological
to a new great world beyond

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