Sunday, October 16, 2011

Those Who by Bob Atkinson

Those Who

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

those who prayed were secure
in where their meals came from
and tasted wine when they wished
and savored warm bread buns

seemed a good endeavor
a roof over one's head
a place to pray and ponder
and give all of mind and heart

those who fought were not sure
their lives would continue on
but knew their place in a battle
and gave all, 'cause was their job

those that toiled did so always
for they had no other choice
but starve even more than now
or be struck with whip or posted

choice ran simple as the wind
always out of mind
was not something to be pondered
in their savaged lives

no way to change their lot in life
at night they could relax
and rest as best they could
until daylight brought them back

to the efforts sincerely made
to the hard part of strife
while thinking nothing of the cost
it took from their shackled lives

by the fire when wood was gathered
and burned for some warmth
and cooking meals of meager value
scant meat and vegetables in broth

little had they now to eat
not important to the ones
who held title to the land
and controlled the acts of armies

was a mean and wicked life
no softness around their lot
just worked until their bodies
gave out and sunk in plots

sometimes, a holiday was declared
good for a moment's rest
of parade, pomp and ceremony
giving reason for body to bathe

because they didn't know
a different way of life
gave little thought to their lot
just thanked god for what they'd got

so there in a situation
we could have been born into
others knew hard ways of life
difficult for us to view

would they have traded with us
their position or their status
would they have said our souls lack meaning
and felt really bad for us

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