Monday, October 17, 2011

Two Twenty Five

Two Twenty Five
(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

Thirty four were in the field
scattering the wind
around the oval circuit
twelve laps after it began

up front there was a tussle
tires had argued much
over their place in this universe
which had more power to push

many had been there sitting
with their faces toward the sun
living an exciting day
settled in for a long run

but over there a problem came
shooting flames like large rockets
twisting, turning pieces of
what became man made coffins

the driver was from Canada
saw the smoke alright
and tried to slow not to become
one of those in flight

there behind another ran
his foot upon the pedal
that kept the powerful machine
in the race for medals

tire mounted tire
just like bull elephants
they squealed as if it was a fight
a contest for supreme dominance

up he flew, the champion
into the air he rose
at two hundred mph
into the fence he dove

parts scattered over many yards
flames shooting in the air
and the life of one brave person
simply ended there

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