Saturday, November 12, 2011

Building Harmony by Bob Atkinson

Building Harmony

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

bring in effort, bring in organization
bring in need, assemble resources
move together as if one being
satisfying everyone's needs

carry on if you will
about this or that wrong action
protest, fight or just delay
progress as an example

what you do with your discord
is discordant in the least
and carries no real virtue
to all peoples on the street

raising ire of rank and file
by blame and character assassination
shames the ones who do this deed
and destroys their useful contribution

without the charity given to others
that some profess to seek
one cannot build a machine of people
that moves us toward a peak

don't tell me how my civilization
is wrong in its approach to commerce
then tear it down without shame
giving not a substitute in the bargain

those who steal the cohesive form
from that which has been built
gain nothing for their peers
but shame and discontent

some sit back and blame others
for that which has not been done
while holding the useless in high esteem
those who sit upon their buns

carry not the temperament
of one who always cries
about what others do or don't do
while lying on one's backside

effort gives us a stake in the game
power comes from doing actions
not as we see others mimic the productive
by undoing normal transactions

false power emanates from destruction
as an illusion, not a rational force
destiny of man always proceeds
in due time with a direct course

all building together in harmony
not promoting emotional discontent
gathers us together as one
for everyone's betterment

in changing course of everyone
toward some united point
the waters no longer fight our progress
but rise and shoot us downhill

all flow moves toward our goal
all thoughts are of a kind
all wages paid fairly
every building built shines

we find we no longer need to cry
about what we do not have
because those things 
that mean the most
glow inward and are expanded

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