Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Three Way War by Bob Atkinson

The Three Way War

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

the blue fought the gray
bare skin fought them both
the blue fought the bare skin
the gray did so also

as scissors covers paper
as paper covers stone
as stone breaks scissors
the southwestern conflict
continued on and on

civilians of all three kinds
were killed outright or sent packing
while the two opposing armies
fought in the east
within prescribed battles

the natives of this land
fought and died for it
for all the time they'd been here
was not a new occurrence

they had a different nature
independence was their game
no collective reflex here
rattled through their brains

they did not see a need
for reliance upon each other
they couldn't think as coyotes did
unless they had good leaders

a leader such as Red Sleeves
who organized the lot
keeping forces together
while freeing them from hunger

on the two other sides
were subordinated wants
to the “good of the whole”
not the “good of the one”

ideals of a higher nature
whether right or wrong
drove the blue and gray
in their battles all day long

they felt a kinship not appealing
to those both sides fought
no right or wrong in these decisions
only what “God had wrought”

so, three sides who looked to “God”
for guidance in their acts
did that which was abhorrent
to one's thoughts while sitting back

easy it is to condemn
those living in those conditions
while viewing from a different time
what had been thoughtful decisions

was not without rational motives
actions were proposed
although in hindsight barbarity
is open and exposed

when seeing with different eyes
situations never felt
or deeds required for survival
of one's people and one's children

they merely dealt the deck of life
they had been born into
doing that which seem so normal
to only those they knew

wild men of different clothing
blue, gray or bare skin
fought and died as they believed
was best for them and their kin

and they prayed to the holy deity
the one they believed was best
while sending to the enemy
thoughts of violent conquest

were justified in their actions
by stating loudly for all to hear
theirs was the “Good Everlasting”
which belonged only to their peers

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