Thursday, January 26, 2012

Taxing Problem by Bob Atkinson

Taxing Problem

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

we have our county government
the city has one too
then there is the state
which has something else to do

again we have the federal
that overgrown balloon
and in Europe they've created another
which they simply call the “Union”

purpose of which is to expand
on that oh so purposeful deed
tax the wealthy, tax the rich
which is taxing to you and me

take away any freedom
take away my pride
with each dollar going to
that different flag which files

take what has been made
and spend it where you please
throw away the hard earned pot
that we would like to keep

isn't that we believe
in starvation at a level
where children go without
or people have no shelter

problem isn't only at the top
though top needs to be addressed
problem is at both ends
where we've created quite a mess

oligopoly and monopoly have been arranged
where market share of great size
is gotten by a game of stealth
by swallowing the other guy

this game is acquisition
requires taking all fierce competition
and buying it with future earnings
to be gotten by price increases

then at the bottom we have the lot
who think procreation is their job
and taking from the government
has become their rightful pot

they don't wish to expand
on what has come before
just wish to use what they can
and stay home behind their doors

my simple recommendation
from my simple mind
is don't let any get that big
reduce the maximum size

and at the other end
don't squeak and squawk and moan
about what the other guy has done
if you've not moved your bottom bone

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