Friday, February 17, 2012

At The Cafe 1878 - Manet

At The Cafe 1878

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

she looked to the side at him
her mind was in a rage
"how dare you stare in such a manner"
she said with open airs

with humble roots below him
he did not give reply
just smiled and looked away
wanting openly to cry

how could she make him feel so small?
how could she irritate
his ego in such an open manner
taking food off of his plate

the others seemed not to notice
more interested in their beer
than what this lady of no distinction
had chatted on so fiercely

don't peg me in that square hole
thought the man with beard so full
don't let me introduce myself
to such a foul mouthed girl

the lady waiting for her beer
pretended not to hear
frozen waiting for tension to pass
no muss, no fuss, no fears

there behind them in the room
others rambled onward with their tomes
about their lives, wants and desires
cost of cigars and homes

here in the smoky atmosphere
of Brasserie Reichshoffen's walls
on the boulevard Rochenchourt
drama had been drawn

in the open field of dreams
where all had run across
the senses, stares and wild desires
of consequence for those of us

us, who let their dreaming
influence their outer looks
and seem to transmit feelings
best left within their thoughts

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