Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the Empty Protest by Bob Atkinson

The Empty Protest

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

if and when I was to be
set within a group
would want the banner to exclaim
my many complex roots

say out with letters really high
that my efforts are sincere
not trying to find some strange way
to establish something queer

can't say it isn't right
when nobody knows what it is
that's the secret to its life
without which would disappear

so you say I did you wrong
but not say how or why
gives me a sinking feeling
are you just pie in the sky?

may be wrong in this assessment
don't have all good facts
about the whys and wherefores
and all those this and thats

tell me plainly
what is your purpose
I will participate in earnest
show me what you mean with this
don't show me pompous rear ended quips

don't drag down what is built
without something complex to replace it
for I think you may be someone's toad
or someone without directional graces

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