Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Leander Affair

The Leander Affair

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

such is the way we see
ourselves as in the middle
while others see us in the wrong
some just play their fiddles

Leander comes to mind as such
an example of the ways
in which questions of right and wrong
were subordinated to the stronger arm

back in imperial days
when force was used for profit
men of arms carried out their orders
without insight or strength to stop it

Leander stood off the coast
looking for evidence of trade
with those with whom the empire
fought their silly forceful game

some called themselves in the right
some knew they were in the wrong
yet either way their martial deeds
caused fire and death to throngs

finding one can loose his head
by minding traditions inert
hence setting off real emotions
of those marching across the dirt

few ships spanned the time
when force was used so much
as a simple way of life
violent promotion of them against us

some who had those histories
of lives so parallel
took to the martial ways
which sent them all to hell

hell can be defined as
where the evil go
or where the struggle takes us
on this road to our Alamo

Leander fought for many years
not for simple right or wrong
she fought for defined ways
upon which nature urged her on

natural conflict between all parties
who struggle to dominate
with thoughts and preachings,
holistic teachings
and violence for those who take

a stance against the other
whose empire wants to control
minds and commerce
through simple dominance
along that old dog's road

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