Sunday, February 5, 2012

Making One's World by Bob Atkinson

Making One's World

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

to sense the superior nature
of one's world and mind
has a natural origin
in biology derived from science

with others one may not be
familiar with those strange lives
or state of learning or progression
that comes with those different minds

minds that give into base
feelings of primitive souls
minds that hate the others
because of who they are

ignorance may be bliss
or simply stupidity on the side
when one looks at the unalike
with a strong false sense of pride

we all have our strengths
we all have those weaknesses
which give us all our frame of mind
our aggressions and our sheepishness

to look at and see others in
a strong judgmental way
holds only shallow meaning
reducing our status because of hate

another may feel the same
who is right? we'll never know
who holds the candle higher?
who promotes the better show?

evolution's progression
that which we aspire to
creates the beast of most strength
by saying “we” not “you”

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