Monday, March 5, 2012

Don't Yell at the Wind by Bob Atkinson

Don't Yell at the Wind
(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

don't yell at the wind for doing
what it does to things we've made
isn't something one can argue
just inhale deeply, be fascinated

we seem to favor status quo
over our long term good
and never, ever seem to
do those things we should

if we wish to be correct
and plan out rightly now
seems to me there are some issues
we need to address, and how !!

we have a lack of ingrown armor
construct flimsy weak abodes
while fighting over that which
has little substance shown

the assumptions we must make
if we are to survive and grow
should go the way of planning
not mud at each other thrown

first it is assumed
Earth changes in an instant
oceans fill their basins
then jump quickly out of them

the winds are calm most times
then they really blow quite mean
and scrape all life from the ground
those things we've grown and seeded

the ground is firm beneath our feet
seems mostly hard as solid rock
then, like jelly it vibrates waves
which knock us on our butts

sky is blue in normal times
but sometimes it's the color red
sometimes we breathe clear fresh air
sometimes bad air makes us dead

stars remain floating in the sky
most times when we look up
yet, sometimes they attack us fiercely
and really muck things up

to know all of these simple facts
and ignore what they mean
seems to me to be one faulty
unstructured life plan scheme

we could start today the goal
building what we need and want
to keep our lives safe and warm
protecting our good seed from harm

would mean we'd have a purpose
would mean we'd have to work
to clear up all naive struggles
the things that make us jerks

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