Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fear by Bob Atkinson

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

the day had started hopeful
she wore her best fine dress
the blouse of soft silk cloth
and scarf with one light twist

knew the Turks were moving
none knew where they would go
she looked to the field for vegetables
for her family's supper meal

knelt to grab them carefully
no change then in her manner
feeling confident in those
who protected all that mattered

we all have felt those times when
we did as always we have done
even though the situation
was charged with something wrong

habit of the daily life
isn't broken with a whim
habit of the hand and need
for simple food continues

here in the open field
they ran in front of her
they gave as good as they got
and killed while dying cursed

cursed by those who held the power
upon their horses large
not giving quarter to those who
held beliefs not similar to theirs

for them to kill the heathen men
and women, children too
left them no sleepless nights
or times they couldn't move

they had no soul, it had been taken
by those who worshiped wrong
their God and God of us all
whose name changed with the tongue

we all believe in the God
we all have thoughts of him
but some reject him for the power
to hate their fellow men

and here in the field of battle
which held peace a moment ago
the girl looked up to see the slaughter
she knew would take her soul

the fear would show in her eyes
she saw her fellow Greeks
cut to shreds with long swords
hearing their dying shrieks

with saddened bulging eyes
they looked to her as they fell
could not protect her life
could not protect themselves

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