Friday, March 23, 2012

Fever Without Heat of Fire by Bob Atkinson

Fever Without Heat of Fire

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

could have been any purpose
any humdrum subject called
the group debated furiously
while passions ebbed and flowed

no two believed a similar premise
no agreement found here at all
egos bulged their coats out full
somewhat like raging bulls

logic invoked, fingers poked
men spat and threw kid fits
walking out into the garden
to grind their teeth like grit

how so many honored men
linked ties to this disgrace
giving life to this proposal
which saw them losing face?

oh, they joined in early praise
of their songs upon the walk
giving, getting scenarios for
the society's written document

fever without heat of fire
flames within them shot
out their mouths in fiery speech
laying out their plans for guidance

carrying thoughts to far extreme
then setting down upon a plan
revamping, organizing and seeding
in the end, agreeing to the man

all organized here before
had not worked so well at all
a mass of confused self images
yelling heard way far down the hall

settled now with just a nod
sending to those most in need
assurances of logical progress
for betterment of the breed

could have been any subject
process always was the same
debate and argue, spit and yell
in the end, agreeing to the game

here it was they joined en mass
to sign upon this new charter
names of famous, names obscure
names that would go down

as those who founded gracefully
the long lived franchised group
painters, sculptors architects
who believed in standards good

Charles backed them fully
with wealth like of a king
should they need support
he would fill those needs

every Royal thereafter had
when lack of assets showed its head
staunchly put them in the black
if they dipped down in the red

gave them quarters simple
then better every time
until they moved to Piccadilly
complex of buildings set so fine

sent their sense of organization
to the far distant future
adding to our lives the vision
contained within their moods

forever hence be known as
Royal Academicans
of the Royal Academy of Arts
Reynolds their leader man

launched here by moral character
in one smoke filled room
an infant brought fully to life
destiny enshrined by those who knew

quality best be guided toward
the same thought out direction
men setting differences aside to
accomplish their group's objective

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