Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Iron Lady by Bob Atkinson

The Iron Lady
(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

 reaching up to the sky
a statement made of the times
industrial revolution's mark
transformed our lives out of darkness

symbol of this evolution
a triumph of organized man
this tower lasted longer than
its contract had demanded

first an eyesore seen as such
not appreciated, admired nor loved
the tower seemed to cast a pall
upon that entrance to the mall

then some warmed to its horizon
useful somewhat for signal sirens
lights and radio, flags to wave
hearts to remember their younger days

then a symbol it became
through spring sunshine
then darker days
 always standing straight and tall
straddled over that walkway mall

an icon of French resolve
to leave their mark upon us all
paintings, art and search for freedom
displayed by their constant love of reason

now we see time frozen there
telling us to soon beware
of the power we enjoy
to build large and, or destroy

not that what we do is bad
sometimes it is, makes us sad
is that our footprint on the land
produces harm we hadn't planned

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