Friday, March 23, 2012

Jeweled Abodes by Bob Atkinson

Jeweled Abodes

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

seems we've missed the river boat
not keeping what we can
in home centric organization
not building right upon the land

Bucky ball's in our court
yet we dribble out stick habitats
without much logic of construction
building weakened paper shacks

watch the old homes disappear
watch them fall down flat
swift winds blow their worst
to shred them oh so fast

unreinforced masonry
in shaking earthquake zones
causes one to pause and ponder
where did their builder's brains go?

earthquakes happen here and there
wherever you can stab your toes
which is anywhere on the land
when they come nobody knows

BB's solve these problems
cheap, strong and beautiful
those are what we need to build
for the safety of our children

can we convert the strange
to something we all crave?
how do we change an image
so alien to our faces

by injecting neatly into city plans
nodes of sweet abodes
so soft of form and strong of love
BB's we'll call our homes

triangle panels of smoked glass
double as solar generators
one built within the other
to send current to the masses

double wall of these nice cards
with air between their beam-less forms
insulates and radiates, producing power
more current for our phones

here our deeds fill our needs
for jobs and homes and such
giving to us goals and direction
in reconstructing our old dumps

instead of leaving for new digs
watching old apartments deteriorate
seeing them slink and fall apart
when we leave them to move on

with Bucky balls made of those things
which don't turn to dust with time
we can build our cities large
and ever watch them shine

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