Saturday, March 24, 2012

Migrant Mother by Bob Atkinson

Migrant Mother 
(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

here, waiting in the tent
for her man who had gone
to the work site
in this morning's darkness
for cash wages if hired on

the children hungered
food was gone
no milk or meat or bread
this day of waiting settled her
into the pain of dread

did we make the right decision
in coming to this place?
did we find our dead end here?
how can we face this fate?

hunger in the body
hunger in the mind
thinking of the life she'd left
ago, seems such a long time

would the children end up as
they had in this worker's camp?
would they? could they? feed their families
better than he and I have?

shame of being on the bottom
no way to climb to the top
no honor found as some have done
while being chased far by the cops

the want of a better life
the hardship she'd endured
left her thinking to herself
is this life of her's bad cursed?

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