Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Question of Heart by Bob Atkinson

A Question of Heart
(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

oh, if there ever was
a relationship not based on love
here in Paris one was such
an example of that breed

his need to capture fame forever
drew him to this cherubic lover
leaving him alone in Paris
in the year of eighteen eighty

her plight mirrored his image too
desired to live in gentle moods
carrying her on to better roles
within those thematic scenes

when two of a like mind see
themselves and all their hidden dreams
reflected in the eyes of lovers
makes for parting ways forever

too close he was to her emotion
knew her heart was shallow ocean
caused him to paint her as she was
a portrait of her empty insides

this left for those who viewed it to
begin to question who was who
did Renoir lack the talent to
look deep into her heart?

or was she one without a soul
one who rushed forward boldly
not seeing life as wonderful
without her lifelong dreams

as we know she was a beauty
which he stopped time from executing,
dropping her memory into the river
when her life passed by

did he paint what was there
or did he miss that cool quick air
was he master of this art
was she a vain and shallow tart?

warmth of a bitter soul
leaves the questions to be told
by others who can make a judgment
of those dead and gone

can we just say she was a beauty
and he painted as he knew her
capturing that which she showed
to the outside world

no need for arbitration
not my call or my station
just say there isn't much
of her spirit shown to us

leaving that for which to ponder
he went on to find new lovers
finding fame in works of art
sold for much yet still a bargain
she left for other beds
career enhanced by newer men
other painters to paint her soul
which they never did paint whole

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