Sunday, March 18, 2012

The South Sea Bubble by Bob Atkinson

The South Sea Bubble

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

on Threadneedle Street
below the quiet gardens
those who seemed in control
hurt many hearts with bad bargains

had plotted and deceived
and sought to disagree
with that famous master fellow who
drew money through his bellows

bubbles of which we speak
transform all wealth we petition
from outright liability held
to that mold-able paper position

seems such a simple circle
which carries with it so many hurdles
can be poofed away with glee outright
upon the regulatory feeds of thought

during those complex days
when nations struggled in organic ways
to develop seeds of circuitous nature
with which they'd grow in wild gyrations

gave seeds we look back upon
with thought and honest plans upon
which we can build our future on
and rest for having made

our cities in reborn mode
our home warm and covered firm
our hearts not fighting others' forms
but adopting that which protects us all

can't argue with the fixed direction
destiny deems us passengers not captains
we need to fix our simple pride
on riding out the fiercest tides

while holding close our dearest dreams
along with family, friends and trees
building large our sweet abodes
working ever toward our righteous goals

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