Sunday, April 22, 2012

the Infant Academy by Bob Atkinson

The Infant Academy
(c)2012 Bob Atkinson
 Oh my the years go by
but thoughts are just the same
getting those together
who have the same game plan

to produce what is of quality
by hard work and strong desire
letting setbacks slide down
into disposal fires

Reynolds was the master
of charging minds with energy
for the purpose of advancement
in all the Arts we see

gathered those who could aid
him on this visionary path
charged them with distinction
if they'd move with skill and grace

taking literary arts to
a plateau above the median
here in the land of Britain
art left for future appreciation

Goldsmith was a writer
Wharton the Poet Laureate
Burney wrote of music
that had come and past

Paoli thought of Corsica
that land of his birth
Burke brought skills in politics
Garrick brought his mirth

Doctor Johnson
brought the proper words
to those here in this room
and Boswell wrote biographies
so deeds would live forever

Reynolds organized this bunch
as he did the Academie
all these men are not forgotten
by poets such as me

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