Sunday, April 15, 2012

the Letter by Bob Atkinson

The Letter

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

eyes not blinking, open still
frozen for a space of time
no tears of joy, no tears of pain
simply love locked minds

the war could take some lives
they hadn't thought of who
would find the greatest sacrifice
of young men sent for duty

wrote them thoughts of his trials
knew they held his love sincere
told them of his duty fulfilled
upon the sea of frozen tears

wished he could be sailing
with them around the cape
no cares, no worries thrown upon
them by the winds of rage

wanted all to love him still
although he was far away
giving love to country
as his love to them he bade

sought to fill his duty
in this war of misery
boats built to swim far under
his fast vessel's long thin keel

saw them nightly, ships destroyed
saw the fires brightly burn
saw explosions tearing steel
from their stems and sterns

would return to Provincetown
someday in flesh again
as had nightly walked the streets
in his worried dreams of them

........say hello to mother
she knows she has my love
as do you my darling women
much love from your father's heart

a captain must command his ship
a different kind of love
from that he gives his family
and gives the God above......”

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