Sunday, April 1, 2012

the School of Athens by Bob Atkinson

the School of Athens (c)2012 Bob Atkinson
taken in such single fashion
each would live everlasting
forever drawing together stations
rational argument and birth of nations

here in one fresco lives
superstars of older cities
teachers of our world today
without which we'd be in disarray

grabbing nothing from the past
leaves us empty, no recompense
voided in our hope for glory
rusted innards, foot stomped stories

back in time when men were kings
thoughts they held close to them
minds let freedom move force to
producing documents for me and you

millenia later Rafael presented
who and what were seeds of lore
bringing forward those good minds
without which we'd say darkness shines

dark of knowing our own minds
dark of seeing links to rhymes
darkness dreary in the past
lends our future circumstances

trails of goodness with good hope
vials of blood with which to cope
tearing wondrous worlds apart
patching hearts within green parks

soft and gentle, wild and hard
thinness thickness hard sawed boards
goodness, evil, in between
forever catching our hidden dreams

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