Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thomas Wharton, the Son by Bob Atkinson

Thomas Wharton, the Son

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

with his father's skill in words
he set goals with which to earn
honors of a learned scholar
telling stories of the older men

documented histories of
those poets a half millennium
told tales of the writers who had
deeds performed by their kind fathers

moved in and out of Colleges
grand positions held his love in
setting motions here upon
the language of our dreams

rose above his rivals, peers
a great honor one believes
poet laureate of England for
the last five years of life

another lesson to us all
work hard, stand straight and tall
dreaming, giving, taking from
past mistakes and observations
of what has been and gone

thank you, Sir, for your efforts
know more now than we did ever
because you led the way for us
to read those old refrains in books

we're charged with our own duty
bring it to a higher purpose
help the children of our times
look back for answers in older rhymes

watch with fine attention spent
as if to a movie show we went
are good lessons to be learned
from those who lived before

lessons of brave duty
responsible doings, total unity
kind and gentle to our neighbors
family and friends and community

being worth our salt, truly
not playing at or without usefulness
not hurting others with our thoughts
or callous actions which go for naught

shrinking our mother's pride in us
challenges our being, removes love
we are given by humanity
producing senseless inward vanity

has us lie to ourselves and others
self worth is all we have to give
to lose it leaves us cold
to have it carries us forward still

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