Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gotta Have a Reason if You're Gonna Write Poetry by Bob Atkinson

Without a reason to exist, poetry is merely vanity run amok.
Funny words and abstract thought just don't get it !!!!!!
That's a "who cares?"  moment, sorta like a story told by
a stranger about their friend.....not of interest to anybody
but the story teller....!!!!

Here are some reasons to write poetry.......you can add something
to the list:

1.  Creating an Historical Record from Current Events
2.  Understanding History
3.  Appreciation of Art
4.  Appreciation of Architecture
5.  A vehicle for those in mental crisis to bring their feelings to the surface.
6.  A strong anti-drug message
7.  A strong anti-violence message
8.  The inclusion of song lyrics as poetry, (current establishment denies this relationship).

9.  Describing the emotional content of our lives.
10.  Psychological Comfort

Poetry is the Emotional Content of literature.  As such, form is irrelevant.  If it is the written word, and if it evokes an emotional response, it is poetry.  
If not, it's prose.  
"Prose Poetry?"  That's a dumb statement.  
Haiku?  Nonsense.
Azure sky hovering over the deep blue sea?  Trite nonsense.  If it has purpose, it is poetry.  If not, it's just junk words. 

Challenge me on this....let's begin the discussion !!!!!

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