Thursday, May 10, 2012

Half the World by Bob Atkinson

Half The World

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

half the world saw them
for what they really were
barbarians not acquainted
with social skills to serve

the other half enamored
the other half excited
other half saw themselves
wanting status, but uninvited

anxious to avail themselves
of riches they'd not earned
wanting respect not to be
for lack of hard work done

unkempt in their daily duties
lazy in their heathen ways
not jumping up to opportunity
disgustingly vacant in their tastes

no energy given to produce
something not there before
something of greater value
no great willingness to serve

takers all defined in course
if examination done closely
not givers to others a little bit
heads dedicated only to absorption

sponging that which doesn't fit
with their lazy ways
shows why respect for highwaymen
toasts their simpleton brains

they see the rotten in triumph
over those who labor slave
those providing us all our bread
by creation of much larger game

the seedy cannot see the way
we all could benefit profusely
by including more passion
in our daily movements

have not sense of duty
to their fellow man of late
no will to get up off their arse
no sense in smaller brains

no willingness to rise above
petty criminal pursuits
sticking needles in others' arms
to them becomes the useful tool

so when you see attacks on those
who have worked and labored hard
be they grand in manner
or small in wealth charged

give them a tip of your hat
let them know you do respect
success in any manner
for it always trickles back

if we settle down and rest
taking from others what isn't ours
nothing comes from nothing
no gold in moist wet clouds

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