Tuesday, May 1, 2012

History of Music by Bob Atkinson

History of Music

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

in eighty-one Reynolds came
to capture one who loved the game
Charles Burney sought to shine
by pointing light at others' minds

all his life he garnered facts
into volumes in order that
all could know where it had
come from and evolved

Frances and Sarah knew him as
their wonderful outspoken dad
his time spent well researching what
had been the history of music loved

Mister Baker, Doctor Blow
Brother James and Doctor Arne
took him under their wide arms
gave him energy to move far onward

traveled here, traveled there
collecting facts and vacant stares
wrote from his notes what had then
become the new forms played

near the frog pond, on the Alps
over to the boot with hats
hilly towns, canals with water
between those buildings of carved stone

laid foundations upon tree pilings
in a lagoons of watered tides
designed to make it not worthwhile
to burn that canaled town down

in the end he knew a lot
penned into his melting pot
volumes of his words depicted
where the music began to flow

don't profess to know so much
about his life-long path
here and now will be a quest
to learn his inner thoughts on that

how can one be energetic
in finding a niche so fitting
which documents what we have
inherited as joyful listening?

those wonderful concoctions
of instruments, these and those
with strings and all the wild shapes
which fill our hearts full of emotion

when the concert's over
we rave in our review
our hearts bounce within our chests
although was nothing new

Charles reviewed the origins of
sweet symphonies written for
the enjoyment of our hearing
ear canals directed toward our hearts

bypassing simple thinking
straight to our souls and thoughts
directly touching what we feel
with carefully written notes

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