Monday, May 21, 2012

A House of Straight Walls by Bob Atkinson

A House of Straight Walls

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

why am I so nervous
in a house of straight walls
is it I'm not seeing
how this all evolved?

senses tell me otherwise
this seems so out of place
can't you see beyond the trees
which block so large a gate?

straight and simple are my walls
which stand for me erect
giving good shelter when needed
and keeping out the pests

they serve a simple purpose
do duty as was intended
but oh, without some roundness
my life remains suspended

now that we've evolved
to produce all we require
why don't we tear down all walls
not made round to suit our desires

everyone would have a job
employment at full tilt
since we've come to the end
of what we've done forthwith

prosperity requires purpose
we've seen this in the past
sulking in our self pity
lags when duty asks

us to get up and become
masters of our simple fate
doing that which was intended
building houses roundly made

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