Friday, June 22, 2012

Bobs by Bob Atkinson


(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

son of a general, duty called
an army man with pride
so filled with due devotion
to rules of an ordered life

look upon his photograph
first see only pomp
then as you understand his times
you sit and stare in awe

for that little island to
rule such a vast land of men
took ideas of civilization
the wonder of what we can

do if we believe in order
which holds no gratitude
sets us on our mission
seeing our vision through

later days told more tales
of battles to be fought
on the edge of our creation
our fears for living wrong

sure, you now can look
at what they did as bad
sending armies to oversee
what wasn't their own lands

divided those who argued
fought brother against his kin
and took what they needed
from those who had no plan

at least they taught the lessons
to those who listened good
fighting among yourselves
destroys your attitude

keeps you in the quagmire
of never producing much
except the agitation
of hating your own kind

when you hear ugly complaints
of one side against the other
take the origin of this
as being somewhat inferior

to successful leaders
ones who hold us to progress
by force of will and belief
in social organization's potential

patterns we all see depict
what's been done before
when one in a hundred citizens
exposed the hundred to their lore

conquered strong force with weak
only weapon did they have
social organization arranged
as tradition had outlined

forgetting past history lessons
haunts future life with doubt
as if removing progress
returns us to stone age trials

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