Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dangerous Seductiveness by Bob Atkinson

Dangerous Seductiveness

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

observation leads us blindly
to see with ingrained mores
those realities of past history
our old grandfather's stories

stories written not in books
in our blood with genetic hooks
written plainly, in language vague
not what we're used to, yet plain as day

for us to feel with open hearts
this language of truth discarded
must for sure show attention
to good order and convention

unless we relax and know ourselves
why we fight and why we pout
cannot, will not, progress love's art
only sink well into oblivion's darkness

Goethe elected to illuminate
this irrepressible urge to explain
a pious force we feel inside
searching for truth as we live to die

giving meaning to that which we
lived and breathed and sought with tears
that final clarification of purpose which
defines our intuition's final kiss

along with those other fragments
we tend to rip the world apart
hoping out of this wild destruction
come the roots of new construction

alienation of self through dissatisfaction
carries with it battle's seasons
hurt and pain caused by inclination
to eradicate, not mold new creations

so, if your reflex tells you now
to go bonkers, violent, wild
hold back a little bit
it's just genetics not good wit

dangerously seductive are these forces
for good and evil, prone to generate losses
we must, will do, more to improve
what our grandchildren think and do

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