Sunday, June 17, 2012

Greece Expiring by Bob Atkinson

 Greece Expiring

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

as if in eighteen twenty-five
after Lord Byron upped and died
the battle raged as today's events
for local rule on the Greek side

learned ones of northern towns
should have seen this clearly
as the southern peoples too
dispositions vary with latitude greatly

for one to compete
with the other, seems to me
somewhere between simply dumb
and even that much dumber, please

northern climates propagate
an attitude of immediacy
which no one in the southern state
sees as useful, really

laid back, enjoying life
rather that compete
is the purpose retrograde, or
simply caused by warmer seasons?

do not stop at a red light
within Greece's complex borders
no one expects rules of order
that low to be taken seriously

you'll lose your nice back bumper
they expect you not to stop
or halt for the lady and child
in that marked crosswalk

taken not as serious intent
it doesn't matter that you stop
when that stoplight flashes brightly
those small rules matter not

up in the north, you could believe
that red light as a brick wall
do correctly what is taught”
they yell way down the hall

but then
in Greece you cannot find
a hurtful gentleman
they are so sweet to each other
when shaking hand to hand

in the north when you shake
one's hand to say hello
your other hand goes to your wallet
if not, then you'll be broke

money means much to them
in status it can buy
is why their cars have three stars
or six plugs under, behind

in the south, it means not much
character is their window
to the soul of good and evil
not so much so on the go

so when you mix these attitudes
you'll find they do not fit
adjustment's needed for the times
when currency's are ill equipped

to handle different cultures
modifications need be made
for the different lifestyles
one in sun and one in shade

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