Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jetsam by Bob Atkinson

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

when in distress a vessel carries
much of what is extraordinary
over and above its frame
much in wanting of future fame

flotsam gathers around our feet
creating swirls of ancient seeds
confuses many with a mixture rich
of subtle voices and politics

comes a time when we must make
decisions practical, not idealist twists
reducing complexity to the frame
later on playing the idealistic game

now's the time to lighten our load
take down banners and fighting modes
turn attention to our fears of quagmire
gathering, collecting unity's power

throw out those slogans which divide
forget dogma easily used to hide
our common goals, wants and fears
future visions of lives so dear

moral pickle takes our hearts
anarchy flirting is quite dangerous
luxury of engaging thought
won't be with us unless we stop

history shows what power does
creates a force opposed to ours
whichever side we are on
will be clout retrograde against us

settle down and throw out that which
we need not now with us in a ditch
lighten our load, keep on straight course
working out all problems without remorse

eject the jetsam not required
for current humanity, those evil powers
settle down without wild struggle
weaken opposition with forceful softness

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