Thursday, June 21, 2012

Julia by Bob Atkinson

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson
crying ended slowly
when mother left, forever gone
sending chills through her small body
something so easily understood

she had loved her mommy
had loved her daddy too
three of them were a team
spite of sometimes angry moods

Julia, sweet by nature
left her face blank when told the truth
mother would leave their home for all time
not come back to soothe her moods

daddy, he would seem a statue
staring long at a blank wall of paint
then find his daughter sitting
on his lap when he arose again

those of us who lost their hearts
because of family squabbles
eventually recover some of our
soul carved with sharp blade's power

there can be future happiness
but softly it is tempered
knowing what we once had
is now gone, forever ended

circumstance tore apart the fabric
of a child's simple wants
can see ogres and demons
world drained by one so selfish

thoughts made only of themselves
not caring whom they injure
carries with it many years of pain
and scars for those deserted

no child, it isn't you
who caused this awful mess
mommy needed something
although I gave my best ..."

so in her eyes she told the story
to Rose there at the pool
mommy left us for something else
what that is, I've not a clue”

later in the afternoon
we heard from afar that cry
Rose, Rose... how are you?
I'm Julia, do you love my smile?”

Julia, I need a picture”
I asked so fast of her
hands went straight to her sides
face framed an attitude

out of the corner of her mouth
asked as if amused, “how's this?”
I snapped a quick photograph
she hugged Rose, then danced a tune

I painted her a doll to hold
perfect match for this wondrous child
and always in my thoughts it seems
asked how these two dolls survived

a doll for her comfort
to replace that which was lost
for love is good when given
when taken breaks one's heart

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