Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Top Hat or Tricorne? ........ (or the death of the baseball cap) by Bob Atkinson

Top Hat or Tricorne?
(or the death of the baseball cap)

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

looking large, no beaver pelt
black, silky, tall, fully cheerful, svelte
top hats may again return to style
wicked in nature, so wild of desire

back when Lincoln led the land
back then hat status wasn't planned
all wore the top hats, tall and round
wore this work hat on our crown

Gibus saw to it they went flat
saved much space in opera's hat room
otherwise with all those stovepipes stacked
take a number, await an opening sadly

bankers, lawyers, normal men
refused to let sun shine on them
without a hat to protect their soul
made them taller when they strolled

Tricorne had done full duty prior
nifty chapeau, a three cornered locution
which one day may again appear on
heads of mountaineers and fashion seekers

yet, if beavers have their say
top hat's the best that comes their way
not because of style or grace
it's silk, not of beaver hide made

perhaps if some great inventor
designs a Tricorne made of felt or leather
beavers would not shake so nervous
letting us choose our own headpiece for service

now, why you ask am I concerned
about these older hat's return
is there motive in my words
or am I striking deadened nerves?

well, if you really want to know
in my mind, baseball caps don't show
style and grace of former beanies
look all crude like upturned weenies

Stetsons, mmmm..., they are well made
yet hearken back to Western days
don't show culture beyond equestrian,
bovine herds, those outside endeavors

so with choices limited to ego
must wait until fashion fits my credo
top hat fits me like hot tea brewed
Tricorne, now that's my tempered soup
(sorry Goldilocks)

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