Friday, June 8, 2012

Transcend by Bob Atkinson


(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

torturous is the tortuous route
of language in its best form
can written words closely mimic what
the poet attempts to profess as normal?

no poet lies within the realm
of sage or learned saint
just thinks more over what he feels
tries to put it down upon the page

counts the words and lines to see
definitions met as one was taught
thereby overlooking why one writes
started penning words for naught

form can't be allowed center stage
no rigid structure for all good thoughts
doesn't matter how it's written
just how thinking squirts right out

if there's meter, or if there's rhyme
method contributes not to substance
form pales in usefulness when shown
hands the reader nothing of consequence

lines carried upon the reader's face
layout the poet's worth in stages
does the reader feel magic inside
do words touch his inner arrangement?

what the poet thought important
in feelings, fact or fantastic story
excites our character if impassioned
feeling close to the sender's message

will we look within ourselves to find
elusive demons and barbaric pride
or can we lapse into a coma
by truth adopting our real self image?

emotions transferred freely between minds
by harmonies conveyed intact with words
gives our life meaningful direction
knowing we are the same as others

melding minds in sane discourse
becomes the poet's real objective
feeling and seeing similar ideals
connects our emotional ties of reason

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